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the squirrel is here

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The beginning

8.11.1980 ..Stara Zagora.Cold and dark day babybear was born.Once he saw the world around him he realize thats gonna be a hard life-sometimes happy,sometimes dark but he know …now he is here and he is ready to see..

His life start with a lots of sadness for his family.His father was sick and he died when babybear was only 7 years old.That day he grow up from a babybear to a bear and now he know everything what he need or want to do will be only by himself.

Year after year he grow up strong and believing only in himself.He cope with the Jungle outside his home and he try to be happy…but wasnt easy.Not easy things in our lifes otherwise the Life will be so boring.

In age of 20 our little bear realize he like squirrels……

And here we go…7 years after he move to London and he find a squirrel wich make him happy…make him to want more and more from Life and cope with the Jungle and all animals around.

The squirrel was so lovely,so honest ,he care a lot for the bear and they start doing almost everything together..Their lives now are like one and they found happyness in everything what they doing…

(to follow)…..


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